Red-Spotted Purple Red Spotted Purple seen in Madison County, Florida. It was chased up an old Indian Mound (Letchworth Mound) and somehow managed to be photographed by an out-of-breath photographer!

Orange Crested Orchid These short beauties were found growing along the side of the road in Liberty County, Florida in a colony of about thirty.

GOOOOAAAALLLL!!!!! Dempsey scores for +Seattle Sounders FC!!! #MLS #Soccer

Game’s on! +Seattle Sounders FC vs. +Colorado Rapids! Go Sounders!!! #mls #soccer #seattlesounders

Off to do a private photography lesson this morning…. Today it’s shooting waterfalls and landscapes. I’m available for one-on-one lessons if you are in the Seattle area or I happen to be in your area when I’m traveling…

Crested Caracara The crested caracara is member of the falcon family that is common throughout central and the northern part of South America. There is a moderate-sized popluation in central-south Florida, especially in Hendry County. I almost always see one every time I am on the highway south of LaBelle. These scavengers are most often soaring high above the arid countryside or competing with vulture for roadkill.

Busy editing wedding photos today, much like I did for half the night last night. This one was a blast! So many funny photos….

Good ‘Ol Wasatch Brewery… they have the best labels… #beer

Love macheen. Olé!

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I think I know the answer — No way José

Clouds over St. Marks A beautiful blue sky over Florida’s St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge where the salt marshes and freshwater marshes meet.

Time for a Mexican lunch with my wife… No kids!!! #schoolstartedtoday

Brand new photo from Utah from a couple of weeks ago! (fixed the link)

White-Tailed Deer A white-tailed deer peeks in curiosity in a rural pine scrub in Sopchoppy, Florida.