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Fab idea man


Today’s post is brought to you by my stomach.


This photo has gotten me more wedding gigs than all of the others combined. Always a good time when drunken groomsmen steal a bowling ball on a resort island the night before…. gave me a great idea!

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I get to see some really cool stuff at work….. never a dull moment in that 5% of the time I actually have a camera in my hands.


A whole bunch of cool stuff…. lots of photos, some funny and potentially NSFW jokes….


Get laid in the sun!

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I chuckled. Take that, mainstream propaganda!


The elephant’s head is a very interesting native lousewort found in all of the western continental United States, all of Canada including the Maritimes provinces, and Greenland. The flowers are shaped just like an pinkish-purple elephant’s head including trun and ears, and just like other louseworts - it is a parasite that gets its nutrients from the roots of neighboring plants. Because of this, it has no green parts or chlorophyll, and doesn’t require photosynthesis. This one was photographed high in the Cascade Mountains about fifty miles northeast of Seattle.

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Eastern Tiger Swallowtail http://ow.ly/COINa This perfect example of an eastern tiger swallowtail is resting on a wild primrose bush deep in the Corkscrew Swamp of Collier County, Florida.


The barred owl expanding its range across North America, which is bad news for the closely-related and endangered spotted owl who is in direct competition for habitat and resources. This large, mature individual watched me intently before silently taking flight and melting back into the darkening forest, about 40 miles southeast of Seattle.

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The world-famous ghost orchid photographed here in its natural environment.

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I sorta went MIA yesterday… Busy! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


The tiny and beautiful pink sundew has many leaves with sticky pads arranged in a rosette. These sticky sweet drops of muscilage attract flying insects that become trapped and then are slowly digested by the plant.

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Fall - my favorite time of year!