What Wildlife Happenings are going on in Florida in October? Check out the Florida WIldlife Calendar! http://ow.ly/Cbglq


What Wildlife Happenings are going on in Florida in October? Check out the Florida WIldlife Calendar! http://ow.ly/Cbglq #Florida   #Nature   #Photography


Forest F’Owl
Yesterday I was spending a nice family day/Memorial Day with my wife and kids and we went for a late afternoon/early evening hike through the old-growth forest around Deep Lake in Nolte State Park …


Viceroy butterfly in the heat of a summer day in the Corkscrew Swamp in SW Florida. This is one of the several species to mimic the Monarch’s colors and pattern - known to birds for being toxic to eat.

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Copper Ladies’-Tresses http://ow.ly/C3hTs The flowers of the copper ladies’-tresses have the most unusual metallic sheen, something I’ve never seen in my life. These tiny flowers are about 4-5 millimeters wide, and macro photography was needed here with a ring flash.


Cuteness Overload!
Not a title I’d ever believed in a millions years that I would write, but I couldn’t think of a better one. A week or so ago I was passing through Selah, WA and stopped at a rest area on Interstate…


Silver Falls, one of the most spectacular and violent waterfalls to be seen on Mount Rainier.

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Fishing Spider http://ow.ly/C3hLs Huge fishing spider carefully photographed in the Fakahatchee Strand. These guys can get aggressive and do bite hard!


This native mariposa lily is found in all of the western states and British Columbia in Canada. It is found mostly on eastern slopes of the Cascades where the climate is drier, most often in the higher elevation steppes and grasslands.

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Goodnight everyone… I may be absent for a few days… HUGE workload coming up, but I’ll try to drop in when I have a few minutes!


No wonder both of my tents stink. And I thought it was badger pee!


Errrrrr….. pass. LMAO! :-)

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Eat up


Just did my car’s brakes in the dark. Of course I screwed it up and had to do it twice (got my pads mixed up because I couldn’t see what I was doing very well). Got my money’s worth out of the last set…. they were worn down to dust!


Funny! I’ll never listen to Soundgarden the same way again.

Soundgarden-Black Hole Sun (Mexican Ska Version): http://youtu.be/0g67vg—IXU


The Oregon Coast is renowned for its natural beauty, sea stacks, and gorgeous sunsets. I caught this rock formation in the late afternoon “golden light” and focused on the interplay between light and shadow.

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