Remodelled kitchen I photographed for a homebuilder’s website. Totally different from the “before” snapshots he showed me….

Interior photography job I shot for an interior designer. Beautiful modern upgrade in such an old home….

One more month and I can ditch my iPhone iBrick for good! I’m sick of it shutting off all the time when I’m using it, and sick of the screen freezing a dozen or more times a day…. Apple has really dropped the ball in recent years :-(

All my office computers will remain Macs until something better comes along….

“Modern man is drinking and drugging himself out of awareness, or he spends his time shopping, which is the same thing.” —Ernest Becker #quotes

Orchids. Just the very word brings to mind a vision of exotic color, delightful texture and fantastic shapes, and the scent of consummate and delicious fragrances. Often it evokes feelings of peace…

100% correct sir! This man’s words need to be shared and reshared…..

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Dealing with trolls and haters the right way.

(on a lighter note…. I’m clearly “Steady Eddie”) What Type of Photographer Are You?

How I feel on rare days like today when all my client work is finished and delivered, and all the pressure is off.

3 worst things that could happen…..

Using drones for wildlife conservation. Amazing idea!

Using drones for wildlife conservation. Amazing idea!

Eastern Gray Squirrel | Rich Leighton This squirrel was at the top of this dead pine tree barking and chirping and making a huge racket early one morning in the Juniper Springs area in the Ocala National Forest.

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